A "Tree House" Beginning For Peter Podlas Architect / by peter podlas


Growing up Peter Podlas has always been entrenched in local architecture.  A recent article in “The Southampton Press”, entitled “A Tree House Worthy Of Childhood” highlighted one of the memories Peter had as a boy growing up on the East End of Long Island. His father, Paul Podlas, a contractor based out of Riverhead, NY had the pleasure of designing and building this unique “tree house”.  The construction of this home took place in Remsenburg, NY, just down a few streets away to where the Peter Podlas Architect office now stands.

Peter didn’t just have the opportunity to witness the construction of such a unique building, he had the pleasure of helping out in the construction.  "My brothers and I spent a whole summer at Judge Cooper’s tree house.  As a kid, a tree house was a big deal so to see the construction of this tree house was pretty extraordinary."
Contrary to Remsenburg’s surrounding areas including Westhampton, Westhampton Beach, and Quogue, this home embodies the true essence of being “in the woods”. Peter thinks back to the influence this building had on him. He states “to take the Remsenburg location, add element of nature plus an exciting structural appeal you get a great feet of architecture. I’m happy to see such a local unique structure is still being seen as appealing today. I’m glad I had the opportunity to be around it at such a young age.”
This home, owned by Benita Cooper Marks and her family, has now just been placed on the market for residential sale.

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