"Smart" Bulb under $10--A Bright Idea / by peter podlas

Dusk to Dawn, ColorChoice, Switch to Dim and Motion Activated: these four smart and simple bulbs give you control over brightness, color temperature and other settings without the need for WiFi, a smartphone app or a hub. Unlike other high-end competitors, the IntelliBulb's intelligence in located in the bulb itself. 

Each bulb offers a unique feature. Varying features include a built-in light sensor which automatically turns on the bulb at night and turns off the bulb during the day, and a motion activation feature triggers the bulb from up to 19 feet away. A three-level dimming that adjusts brightness without a dimmer switch and three color temperatures (Warm White, Cool White and Daylight) controlled by a wall switch or switch on the bulb. 

Feit Electric LEB IntelliBulb is truly an amazing bulb, and at such an affordable price it is worth a try!