Ceiling That Wirelessly Charges Devices / by peter podlas

Imagine your home where everything charges automatically. The Tile, a ceiling fixture using Cota technology, provides just that—power everywhere. 

Without going into too much technical detail, the wireless pioneers Ossia, a tech startup company based out of Washington, have designed these ceiling fixtures to send power over radio waves to devices—think Wi-Fi. The Tile allows for charging to be done safely, at a distance and to multiple devices without plugging devices into a cord!

Our daily life would be revolutionized by this technology. A visit to the neighborhood coffeeshop or local supermarket, with a device in hand or in a purse would charge automatically. Ossia’s technology powers our life while we are living our lives, in motion. 

Think of all of the devices we rely on everyday: smartwatch, smartphone, smoke alarm, electric toothbrush, medical devices. Now imagine we never have to think about charging them again–revolutionary.